Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking back on Summer

This summer our family had a unique vacation trip with our daughters dance school to NY City. We had spent a year planning this trip and to finally get to go and take in so many great events while we were there was fantastic. We took tours of the city, participated in dance workshops and took in musicals "Shrek, Billy Elliot" and of course spent some time shopping around. Even though we had many activities planned we still had some down time that I would have loved to have things planned for. I heard about some very cool walking tours new york that could have been a lot of fun. They are very reasonably priced and allow you to take a guided tour of many wonderful sites and eating establishments. We weren't home for a day when we were talking about wanting to go back again to take in all the other things we missed out on and to take the rest of the family back with us.

Deals 2 good to be true but they are

I had to go to Sobeys tonight, I usually dislike shopping there but with a buy1 get 2 free sale I had no choice, I had to check it out. I managed to buy 2 hams and got 4 free and potatoes the same thing. What a deal I almost had an Ikea moment while I was heading out the door. You know the commercial "Start the Car" I thought it was a great deal for sure and the kids will love having ham and potato suppers for the next few weeks.

Ride the Road

There is nothing like the feeling of the wind in your face as you cruise down the highway. The freedom you feel as you ride your bike down the road, whether you are by yourself or riding with a group it is an incredible feeling. It takes a little work to keep a bike in good working order and as always it is important to keep your ride looking it's best too. It is a lot of fun to order customized parts to add a little personality to the ride and really make it feel like your own. I have been considering all kinds of different accessories from memphis shades to saddle bags and a custom seat. I am planning on getting some new accessories so I can work away on the bike over winter and be ready to hit the road come Spring.

It's coming down

We have deliberated for 3 summers but I think we are finally decided that the old apple tree in the back yard is coming down. This tree is giant and literally drops 10's of thousands of apples every year. It would be ok if the apples would mature enough to use but they don't and they start dropping around May and go all summer making the yard virtually useless. We want to set up our pool and deck in the corner of the yard that the tree is in as well. We have many other trees in our yard so it won't be too bad without the old tree. I will miss it for the one week that it blossoms in the spring but that is about it.

Looking for a uniform shirt

My company is instituting a casual day at work that is to take place every Friday. For us we are raising money for one of our charities and we wanted to have a uniform shirt that we could all wear to identify us as employees and have a professional embrodiered message on our shirts. We decided to turn to an online company to take advantage of bulk purchasing and save us money. We managed to find a great site that offered all kinds of different logo apparel at really reasonable pricing. The company that we found still has in house production and offers personalized service to make sure you are comfortable with your order and the process. Casual Fridays will soon be very organized for all of us.

I'm Back

Well it has been a month and it is time for me to return to my blog. I had to take the time away because we were renovating our kitchen (I will post pictures soon) and I was focusing on getting the kids back into their routines with school. I think we are almost back to normal so I will start to phase my blogging activity back into my evenings.