Thursday, October 2, 2008

Soaring Gas Prices

Are you concerned about the raising costs of fuel and oil, is it having an impact on your daily life and in what ways. I know for us my wife is just starting a new job, she has been home for the last few years looking after our young children but with the raising costs of everything we were finding it more difficult to keep up with all the bills. I have been on vacation all week while she has been doing her orientation which needed a bit more flexibility than when she actually started working. This is going to have an impact on our family life for sure as we will basically be in the trade off mode where she is going to drop the kids off to me at work and walk down to her job. I will than pick her up around midnight come home and get to sleep to be ready for work. The nice thing about this year is that our younger kids school has changed it's hours and the kids get out early in the afternoon 1:45 and 2 so at least mom gets to spend some time with the kids in the afternoon. The kids have activities almost every night of the week so that makes for some extra running too. It will be busy but it's what we need to do as a family to make the budgets work.

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