Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No reason at all

I opened my eyes this morning,
blinded by the images of you,
your beauty took my breath away
you were lying there like an angel,
it was impossible for me to look away
what were you dreaming of while you lay there.
I just wanted to take you in my arms
And feel your heartbeat against my chest,
or to lye against you, your smooth warm skin
You have no idea how soothing it is to just hold you.
Hold on, it's so re-assuring at the end of the day.
Do you ever think of me, the way I do you?

Get lost in my arms and turn to me
Whisper the words, "I just love you" to me
For no reason at all but to make me smile
You could have whatever you wanted from me with just the slightest hint
I want your body, mind and soul, loving every inch.
Wait just a moment, your kiss is so entrancing.
The taste still on my mind.
I need you like a heart needs a beat,
come now Darling, make another memory with me.
Your touch on me makes me love you more,
You've made my dreams a reality, I love you so.
I know now that the best days are still ahead.
My love for you grows more every day

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