Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here's Mr. Pig

I took a field trip with my daughters class to a historic settlement here in the Cape Breton Highlands. It was a fantastic day where we got to travel through time to the evolution of homes in this area. On the tour we got to meet some of the animals, this little Pig was very interested in what we were doing and came over snorting at the fence. I missed a great shot of a mini flock of 6 sheep that took off on the run and jumped over their rock wall fence. It was comical to see them follow the leader over the fence but it happened so fast I couldn't get the camera out of the bag in time. Check out the post below for more of the great trip!

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Sally in WA said...

He certainly looked interested in what you were doing with that camera! Take my picture, he says.

Tina said...

lol i have moments like that when you cant get the camera in time! never mind you got the cute piggy picture though :)