Monday, June 1, 2009

More Projects Done

Well the day is coming to a close and Carrie's parting words when she left for work were "I'd be happy to just have the floor done when I get home" now one would think that wasn't so bad but keep in mind who she was asking to do this. Working with Adhesive has never been my fondest activity we will say. I had the new floor cut to size last night so that part wasn't so bad but I had some floor prep to do to get it all to the same height, by the door to our bedroom and the step down into the basement were lower than the subfloor. So I get this done and gave the floor one more good going over to be sure I had the old floor/glue out of the way. I couldn't stall anylonger it was time to get out the flooring adhesive. I recently watched an episode of Worst Handyman and they had a bunch of people trying to put down floor so I had an idea of some things not to do, but I was a little surprised on how fast this adhesive got sticky. I had a hard time sliding it under the basement door and managed somehow to get adhesive on the back of my pants. While rolling out the floor I was on my knees for a few good minutes and when I tried to get up I discovered I glued my legs to my a**, glad no one was around for that. Anyway the job is now done, the glue doesn't smell too bad and I have an hour and 1/2 to spare before Carrie get's home....too bad the house is a wreck...but hey the floor is done. :0)

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